A new purchase of a small economic amount must be completed rather urgently but the date of the next salary is still far away or you are facing a period in which your company is in an economic crisis and therefore you do not have the necessary money available for complete the operation. And then what? Are you forced to give up this purchase and wait for more favorable times? Absolutely not. Fortunately, credit institutions know the problems of the people who live in the territory in which they operate and, to help them solve them, they have created specific financial products for their particular needs.

In this case, great help could be provided through an online payday loan of 1,000 USD, easy to obtain and return, even without pay, and suitable to cover the costs for those small unexpected expenses that can happen in the life of every person. To those who may be obtained loans from 1,000 USD? What are the requirements to get them? How do they work?

Payday advance loans online: Get Started Now

A payday advance loan can be requested very easily online. You can request a payday advance loan online via the official OakParkFinancial website. They will send the result in a few hours.

Any refusal could be due to incomplete documentation, therefore it is always recommended to cover all the attached files before submitting your personal loan request to be sure that someone is not missing.

If the loan request is accepted, the credit will be disbursed on your current account in a few days, at most two or three. However, since it is a small loan, it is very likely that the credit will take place on the same day the credit institution receives the loan agreement signed by the applicant.



Credit institutions do not usually refuse requests for personal loans of 1,000 USD because the monthly installments to be paid for this type of financing are very low and affordable for everyone. In the event that the applicant does not have his own income, or the monthly payment exceeds 20% of his monthly financial income, it will be necessary to present some alternative guarantee to obtain the capital, such as a guarantor. However, to get a personal loan you need to be at least eighteen years of age, ie already be older, but he had already passed the age of 70.

Some financiers are willing to grant the loan even to those who are a little more advanced, on condition that he stipulates a life risk insurance.

All Italian citizens who meet the above conditions and the citizens of the European Union can apply for the loan on the condition that they have placed their residence in Italy and that they produce their income within the borders of the State. For non-EU citizens, on the other hand, it is mandatory to comply with a further requirement or to be in possession of a regular residence permit to be attached at the time of the loan application.

A loan between private parties

The social lending platforms (or peer to peer lending) are becoming more and more famous also in Italy and allow, through specific web portals, to bring together demand and supply of money between individuals, without the intermediation of banks or finance companies. The Bank of Italy is the only entity that can authorize agencies to offer this service in Italy via the web. Without this authorization, the company cannot operate on national soil. To avoid running the risk of running into a scam, we recommend that you make sure that the social lending portal you are calling on belongs to an agency that has actually been authorized to operate in our country and, if not, choose another portal on which to apply for the personal loan of 1,000 USD between private individuals.

Social lending is an excellent solution in the event of an urgent need for liquidity. The operation of these platforms, in fact, is rather rapid and the requested credit is paid out within a single day. Furthermore, it is not necessary to present guarantees, it is only necessary to verify one’s identity.

All the phases of requesting and obtaining the 1,000 USD personal loan take place completely online and the privacy of all users is protected. The personal data of all registered subjects, in fact, are carefully guarded and are not disclosed to third parties, even between lender and applicant. The company that manages the peer to peer lending platform, in fact, plays an intermediary role regarding the sending and receiving of money so that not even the code is spread.

The 1,000 USD borrowed do not all come from a single lender who, in the event of insolvency, would have more difficulty returning his capital.

These, instead, are the sum of money from multiple providers, each of which provides the applicant with a loan from 10 to 100 USD, up to a total of 1,000 USD, so as to minimize the risk of loss for those who offer to borrow their money.

The interest rate applied varies according to the risk profile established for the applicant: the greater the risk of insolvency, the more the percentage of interest to be paid for the loan will increase. To have an economic advantage, exactly as it happens when you contact banks, it is advisable to present some guarantees regarding your ability to return the capital received, such as for example the payslip, the employment contract or the Unique Model of the declaration of the incomes.

Fostal Bank Small Loans

Fostal Bank Small Loans

Fostal Bank Small Loans are financial products offered by Harrison that can be requested both at the counter and online. Through them, you can easily get a small loan of 1,000 USD but the amount that can be requested reaches up to 3,000 USD. The loan is reserved for Post Pay Evolution holders, the rechargeable card of Harrison with an IBAN code, on which the personal loan is credited and from which, each month, the amount necessary to pay the installments are deducted.

These are a total of 22 and cannot be changed either in the number or in the amount.

The requirements to be met are the same as for any other credit institution in Italy.

Other solutions

The legislation in force in Italy allows providing a personal loan of 1,000 USD directly in cash. If you want to take advantage of this solution, however, it is necessary to go in-person to a branch, keeping in mind that not all of them are willing to provide this service. Even the loan on pledge requires that we go to the bank to which we want to apply for credit because we must entrust this to the “pledge” which consists of an object of a certain economic value which the applicant possesses and which he intends to pose. as a guarantee for the repayment of the loan. It will return to the rightful owner when all installments have been paid.

The credit institution, in this case, in addition to the interest on the loaned amount, could demand the payment of a fee as reimbursement of expenses for the custody of the object in question.

Apart from the loan on a pledge or the mortgage loan, which is not very convenient to resort to obtaining a modest sum of 1,000 USD, it is not necessary to have a physical asset as a guarantee. Usually, the payslip or the Certificate (for those who work on their own) is sufficient to gain access to credit. In the absence of a way to prove your financial income, or if these are excessively low in order to ensure the payment of all monthly installments, you can request the signature of a guarantor. With the intervention of this figure, access to credit becomes easier for everyone, even for the unemployed, as he personally guarantees the balance of the debt.

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