In the following overview you will find 6 companies (P2P platforms) for realization of private loans. While they offer essentially the same service, they can vary greatly in terms of conditions.

What are P2P (peer-to-peer) loans? It is really easy. On the one hand there is a person interested in the loan. On the other hand, there is a private investor or private individual who wants to assess their savings. And among them, in the middle is a peer-to-peer platform (a “web site”) that mediates these private loans. You can find more detailed information on what Peer-to-Peer loans, or private loans for ordinary people, are for ordinary people.

Comparison of “private loans” in the Czech Republic

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In the following overview you will find 6 companies (P2P platforms) for realization of private loans. While they offer essentially the same service, they can vary greatly in terms of conditions. Regardless of the minimum and maximum amount borrowed, the maturity, the conditions that the borrower must meet. And last but not least, how much they charge for credit intermediation (usually it is 1 – 3% of the loan amount)


Bankerat is one of the “oldest” companies in the Czech Republic specializing in peer-to-peer loans. As a potential client, you can determine the maximum amount of interest that is acceptable to you and private investors then send you their offers

  • Loans from 10000 USD to 600 000 USD
  • Maturity 1 to 6 years
  • Up to USD 30000 without proof of income
  • Up to 150000 without consulting the registers
  • Up to 600000 without pledge
  • Fee for arranging the loan is 5% (at least 1200 USD)
  • If the due date is not met, a penalty fee is charged after 7 days
  • After 31 days overdue, the loan is repaid and the full amount and penalty interest of 0.1% per day are recovered



Banking online works on the principle of auction. Those interested in the loan enter their demand and determine what interest they would like to have (but this is not obligatory for investors). Investors then enter their bids and the applicant can choose from them the most advantageous for him. The loan is then composed of more investors

  • Loan from 80000 USD to 500 000 USD
  • Maturity 6 to 60 months
  • Loan mediation fee is 2%
  • Early repayment fee is 1.5%
  • After 31 days past due, the loan is redeemed

More information about P2P Loan Banking online here .


This peer-to-peer platform provides private loans only to those who can prove their income. If the account statement and bank registers are also documented, the applicant receives more favorable interest. The loan consists of more investors, if the whole amount is not “folded”, the loan is not granted

  • Loan from USD 10000 to USD 250000
  • Maturity up to 60 months
  • Up to 100 thousand dollars without proof of income
  • Over USD 100,000 it is necessary to prove income and extract from the register
  • The fee for the mediation of the loan is 3% – 9% according to the loan amount and the creditworthiness of the applicant
  • After 61 days past due, the loan is repaid and the full amount and penalty interest of 0.1% for each day are recovered


These private loans are also auctioned. The applicant determines the maximum amount of interest. In real terms, interest rates range from 9% to 45%. For higher amounts, the investor may be required to provide collateral in the form of real estate collateral, collateral transfer of the right to a car or third party liability.

  • Loan from 10000 USD to 1 000 000 USD
  • Individual / arbitrary maturity
  • Loan mediation fee is 5%
  • When negotiating a loan, a fee of USD 120 is charged for the extract from the Central Register of Enforcement (CEE) and USD 220 as a postage fee
  • After 31 days past due, the loan is redeemed
  • A penalty of 20% and 0.3% is charged on each additional day of delay


This peer-to-peer platform assigns credit applicants a rating (according to their income, registry records, and other criteria). The best (highest rating) is 3.99%, the worst is 19.9%.

  • Loan from USD 20000 to USD 500000
  • Maturity 6 months to 7 years
  • Loan mediation fee is 2%
  • If two installments are not paid in succession, or if one installment is more than 3 months past due, the loan is repaid
  • The contractual penalty for repayment of the loan is 3% and interest on late payment

More information about P2P loan Zonky here .


Originally a Slovak company operating in the Czech Republic. Loans are realized in the form of an auction, the applicant determines the preferred interest rate and it depends on the specific offers from investors. Interest varies from 10 to 20%

  • Loan up to 250 000 USD
  • Maturity up to 60 months
  • Mediation fee from 2.9% to 6%, minimum USD 800
  • Early repayment fee is up to 1%
  • After 45 days overdue, the loan is redeemed and a 10% contractual penalty and default interest is charged

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